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The SIG GROUP established in Australia by Chief Executive Ray Mancini since 2003 with three main divisions SIG ACADEMY an RTO – registered training organisation, SIG NATIONAL a provider for loss prevention, security services and cash in transit services, TAC-SHOP a manufacturer and a supplier of law enforcement, military and security products with branches throughout the world in Italy, USA, UAE and Ukraine.

The SIG ACADEMY is considered as one of the best training organisations in the world and a leader in providing the most current and up to date operational training methods for military, law enforcement and high-level security professionals.

SIG ACADEMY has adopted a Code of Practice, which is recognised across Australia. We maintain policies and management practices, which provide for the highest educational and professional standards in Australia for the marketing and delivery of vocational education and training services, which safeguard the interests and welfare of students, staff and the public.

We maintain at all of our venues a learning environment, which is equipped with state of the art technologies and conducive to the success of students. We have the capacity to deliver the nominated course(s) and we provide adequate facilities including tea, coffee, light refreshments and car parking where possible.


Facilities Location and Map

CLICK HERE for Google maps and directions:

SIG ACADEMY head office and training facilities are located at the address below:

7/15 Vanden Way
Joondalup WA 6027


There is plenty of free parking available within the grounds of the SIG ACADEMY location. Please park in the parking area highlighted on the map below.

Useful Information


Provider Telephone
Joondalup Resort +61-08-9400-8888
Joondalup City Hotel is the closest hotel to the SIG ACADEMY +61-08-6365-8883
Hillarys Harbour Resort Apartments +61-08-9262-7888
Quality Resort Sorrento Beach +61-08-9246-8100
Clarion Suites Mullaloo Beach +61-08-9404-1200

Joondalup City Hotel –5 min to the SIG ACADEMY +61-08-6365-8883


Students should note that OH&S regulations prohibit the SIG ACADEMY from dispensing any types of non-prescription medication including Aspirin and Panadol etc. Arrangements will be made for students to visit a chemist if required.

Terry White Chemists

Joondalup Drive
Shop T8, Lakeside Shopping Centre
Joondalup WA 6027

Joondalup Health Campus

Shenton Ave,
Joondalup WA 6027


SIG ACADEMY is committed to high standards in the delivery of Education and Training and other Trainee services.


SIG ACADEMY will comply with all legislative requirements of State and Federal Government, in particular Police Licensing Divisions, Australian Qualifications Training Framework (AQTf), Work Place Health and Safety, Workplace Relations, Anti Discrimination and Equal Opportunity.


SIG ACADEMY has a commitment to providing a quality service and a focus on continuous improvement. We value feedback from tutors, industry representatives and our students.


SIG ACADEMY courses and training information can be obtained through our website or by telephoning 1300-788-827.

Enrolments for courses and training can be carried out over the telephone or by e-mail. Better yet, we invite possible students to the Academy for a one on one consultation with our Trainer in an effort to get a better understanding of the direction they want to go in and tailor a training package to suit their needs.

If a student has language or literacy difficulties it is important to advise SIG ACADEMY at the time of enrolment so support services can be explained.


The hours of training vary from course to course and are usually dependant on and the location of the training and student needs. Generally courses run from 9AM to 4PM with an hour break for lunch but this varies depending on the course, the amount of students enrolled and their capability.

Many students also opt for external training (available ONLY on certain programs) in which a majority of the course content is completed in the students own time at their own pace. They have planned training sessions to complete certain units and so that their progress can be monitored; this option offers great flexibility to those who work full time etc.


An initial language, literacy and numeracy assessment will ensure that the trainee or student will have a reasonable chance of success in their training. It is necessary to identify the level of language, literacy and numeracy skills that trainees in particular possess when the training plan is being developed. This will identify those trainees who may need additional training, and those who may need to be referred to alternative training.

All students and in particular trainees will need to learn some new language, literacy and numeracy skills that are specific to their particular job. SIG ACADEMY trainers will provide clear instructions and ample opportunities for practice when reading, writing, oral and numeracy tasks are required as part of a competency.

Some trainees may need additional assistance in language, literacy and numeracy, and some may not have sufficient skill to succeed in the course(s) and/or training program and may need to be referred to a specialist language, literacy and numeracy course at TAFE or other organisation like an English language Institute for overseas students.In some cases, your initial assessment may be as simple as completing the Course Application Form, or may consist of a telephone or face-to-face interview combined with a brief introductory discussion, or assessment of skills by your trainer (some formal and some informal). This may be as simple as a “warming up” session in the class where the trainer introduces himself or herself and so do the students. In most cases, there will be a combination of the above assessment methods.

In cases where potential students show limited capacity in Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills they will be provided with SIG ACADEMY’S LLN test. When completed, a SIG ACADEMY assessor will assess the test and the student will be advised of the result.

If the student’s LLN is assessed as; Competent, the student may enrol in his / her selected course(s). If the student is assessed as; Not Yet Competent, he / she may be referred to an appropriate LLN training program at TAFE. The student will be advised that he / she may re- apply for a SIG ACADEMY course when his / her LLN skills have improved.

Based on Competency students will be provided the ability to enrol in the respective approved course for their literacy level. Where a student is deemed to hold insufficient capacity of Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills they will be referred to an appropriate body to reach that level as deemed competent by SIG ACADEMY for their respective course application.


SIG ACADEMY has personnel with appropriate qualifications and experience to deliver the training and facilitate the assessment relevant to the training products offered. Assessment will meet the National Assessment Principles including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Adequate training materials will be utilised to ensure the learning outcomes of the training product can be achieved. Appeals procedures are in place for Trainees who are not satisfied with the assessment or training.


Assignment Layout

All assignments submitted for assessment must be typed and laid out to meet the following requirements:
Font Type: Arial
Font Size: 12 point
Print Colour: Black
Paper Colour: White
Line Spacing: 1.5lines
Header <Subject> <Assessment Number> <Student Name>
Footer <Date> <Page # of #>

Incorrectly formatted assignment tasks will be returned un-assessed. The appropriate assignment cover sheet, as supplied by SIG ACADEMY with the study materials, must accompany all assignments.

Due Dates

Students who fail to submit assignments by the set due date may be subject to a penalty as outlined below.

Granting of extensions for late submission of assignments or late presentation of oral work.

A due date for an assignment is the final acceptable date for submission of an assessment. In most cases an assessment topics will be available to students several days before they are due and may be handed in any time up to and including the due date. If you have a serious problem contact the course coordinator, in the first instance. However, the following problems are not regarded as so out of the ordinary to warrant the granting of an extension by the course coordinator:

  • a minor accident involving a few hours paperwork
  • family emergency
  • difficulties with travel arrangements which conflict with the due date.

In the absence of an appropriate reason, a student’s work will not be accepted for assessment or, at the discretion of the course coordinator, will be penalised 10% of the overall weight of the assignment per day.

Similar considerations apply to the presentation of oral work. Where a student has contracted to present oral work on a particular day the student must do so unless there are exceptional circumstances. If there are insufficient grounds students will not be permitted to present their work at a later date or, at the discretion of the course coordinator, will be penalised 10% of the overall weight of the assignment per day.

Similar considerations also apply to the granting of special consideration or a deferred examination. In particular, students who before publication of the exam timetable make travel or work commitments for any day in the examination period do so at their own risk and will be granted deferred examinations only in circumstances beyond their control, eg, serious illness or death of a close relative.

It is important that students with minor difficulties do not abuse the system so that it falls into disrepute and is then not made available to students who genuinely require it. It is equally important that students who are experiencing serious difficulties should seek help or assistance from the training director or staff at SIG ACADEMY, from counseling services, other agencies, services or professionals, at the time.

Students who cannot submit an assignment by the set due date can apply for an extension of up to a maximum of five days by submitting the appropriate request in writing, setting out their name, subject, assignment title, due date, an explanation of the reason for the request and any supporting evidence for the claim. This application must be submitted to SIG ACADEMY office no later than 2:00pm on the due date of the assignment.

Extension applications received after this date will not be considered. Such extensions shall only be granted with an approval from the relevant course coordinator. Students who require an extension of more than five days after the set due date shall make an application for special consideration.


Students must submit assignments to SIG ACADEMY who shall record receipt of same, noting time and date. These assignments shall be forwarded to the relevant course coordinator for assessment. Work deemed not student’s own work will be investigated. If it is found that a student has cheated or submitted work not their own then they will be expelled from their training course and no refund will apply.


Assignments that are assessed as not yet competent will be returned to the student. If the student is assessed as not yet competent for the entire unit of competency, and that unit is a core unit, the student will need to re-apply to re-do that unit at their own cost at the next course in order to obtain the full qualification. An academic record listing subjects/units in which the student is competent can be issued on request (and payment of a processing fee) at any time.

If the subject/unit is not a core subject/unit, students may either re-do that subject/unit or another elective in order to obtain the relevant qualification. An academic record listing subjects/units in which the student is competent can be issued on request (and payment of a processing fee) at any time. In very rare circumstances as student may be invited to resubmit the particular piece of assessment. The decision to invite a student to resubmit a piece of assessment will be made at the discretion of the course coordinator in consultation with the training director.


All materials submitted for assessment or as part of any course shall become the property of SIG Academy.


If you do have a complaint about something (including an assessment issue), this is what our policy says:

  • Trainees can discuss any issues about any course or unit related matters with any Staff Member that they think will be able to assist in resolving the issue. If the issue can be resolved in initial discussions, no further recourse is required.
  • In the case of Assessment Issues, the Trainee should first approach the Trainer/Assessor conducting the Assessment.
  • The appeal period for issues related to assessment will be a maximum of one (1) month beyond the final date for submission of assessment unless another date is specified for the particular Course.
  • If the issue (assessment or other issue) cannot be resolved informally in these initial discussions, the student should be advised of the formal Complaints and Grievance Procedure process by the Staff Member who has had the initial discussions. In particular, the Trainee should be advised of the option of submitting a formal complaint via email or written letter.
  • The Trainee can submit a complaint to a Staff Member at any time regardless of any prior communication with other staff on an issue.
  • If a Trainee submits a complaint to a Staff Member, the receiving Staff Member is encouraged to try and resolve the issue with the Trainee.
  • If the situation has not been resolved by a Staff Member who has received a Complaint within fourteen (14) days, the issue can be escalated to try and resolve the situations
  • SIG ACADEMY will ensure that a record of the resolution, or attempted resolution, is communicated to the trainee and any other staff members that are involved.
  • No charge or fee of any kind is applied to any complaint, grievance or assessment appeal.


As a registered training organisation, we are required to make sure that we can follow through on the delivery of our responsibilities with respect to training.

That means that we must continually watch out for potential hindrances to this being accomplished. In fact, we regularly do Risk Assessments to check that we are aware of potential difficulties that might affect the delivery of high quality training.
By assessing and managing risk, we foster success.

We invite you to contribute to this process. If you are aware of anything that might potentially hinder the delivery of our training, please let us know.


As a valued judge of our performance in training, you will be invited to give us optional feedback. Generally, this will occur just after the training has ended and you have paid for your course.

In addition to this, we invite you to provide us with feedback anytime.
If it appears to you that your feedback is not being responded to appropriately, we invite you to approach one of our Staff or Training Partners to speak openly about the situation. Naturally, we hope that you have lots of good feedback for us. Our Staff and Trainers appreciate your encouragement too.


SIG ACADEMY collects information/data from our students during the registration process and during the course of progressing through units of study. All this information is used solely for the purposes of training and providing training materials as required by the training regulator. It is a requirement for an RTO to collect this information from students. This information/data is accessible by SIG ACADEMY staff and only SIG ACADEMY staff.

This data will not be sold on or passed on to external sources and is securely stored within SIG ACADEMY’S Training Facilities and Systems.

This information/data may be used to communicate valuable information to our students but will be done sparingly.


SIG ACADEMY has effective financial management procedures in place in line with the organisation’s scope of registration and scale of operations.


SIG ACADEMY’S accounts are audited annually by qualified accountants with membership of Certified Practising Accountants of Australia.


SIG ACADEMY has effective administrative and records management procedures in place in line with the organisations scope of registration and scale of operations.


We do respect the privacy of your Personal Information. Only Staff who need to access your personal information for the purpose of administration or training are allowed to do so. In addition, we ask that all Trainees acknowledge that Government auditors may need to check our administration systems. In doing this, they may gain access to information you have provided to us. If you would like information that we have on file about you to be provided back to yourself or given to someone else, you need to request this by submitting a formal request to one of our staff members.


We will retain for 30 years a record of the Units of Competency and Qualifications that you have achieved. We may keep the assessment you have completed until the end of the appeal period for assessment. After this it will generally be returned to you. However, some assessment reports completed by assessors, and discussed with you at the time of assessment or just after, may not be returned to you unless you request that they are.


Your Enrolment Form provides us with the minimum amount of essential information to ensure that:

  • you meet entry requirements for the Course you enrol in
  • we will be able to communicate with you about all aspects of the Course as it proceeds
  • you are aware of all the information available about us and about the Course you want to enrol in
  • you are aware of the Payment and Refund information


If you’ve participated in or completed accredited training at another RTO, and have a qualification or Statement of Attainment to show us, we will recognise the validity of that training. If this proves that you have achieved some of the units of competency within the Course you are going to do with us, we will give you direct credit where it applies. There will be an administration fee of $350 to cover checking and recording the results of your previous training.


Recognition including recognition of prior learning (RPL), is a process for giving candidates credit for skills, knowledge and experience gained through working and learning. It can be gained at any stage of their lives, through formal and informal learning, in Australia or overseas, through work or other activities such as volunteering.

What is the recognition process?

The process of Recognition involves you collecting evidence that verifies your competence, from a range of sources. This evidence can include any combination of formal and/or informal training and education, work history and/or general life experience.

The evidence you provide will be assessed against the units of competency listed in the approved training package applicable to the relevant qualification, which covers the unit(s) of competency sought for credit in the Recognition application.

The evidence you provide may come from sources such as:

  • Work records, including documents that demonstrate tasks you perform, e.g. position descriptions and work profiles.
  • Signed and dated references.
  • Records of workplace training.
  • Resume (with verification).
  • Assessment of current skills by a qualified RTO assessor.
  • Third party reports from current and previous supervisors, trainers, managers, parents and colleagues.
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • Confirmation of relevant unpaid work or volunteer experience
  • Examples of verified work products, e.g. forms you have developed, letters you have written etc.
  • Diaries or journal entries demonstrating daily tasks or events
  • Visual and verified evidence such as videos, photos, reports of activities in which you have been strongly involved
  • Awards or recognition you have received.

All evidence presented must have appropriate verification, i.e. signed and dated information that clearly demonstrates your involvement.

What are the rules of evidence that will be used?

When assessing your competence, the SIG ACADEMY assessor is required to ensure that your evidence meets the following criteria:

Validity means that the evidence you provide must be directly related to the unit(s) of competency for which you are seeking recognition. Ask yourself: Is the evidence I am providing linked to the units) of competency (i.e. to the elements and performance criteria)?

Currency means that the evidence you provide must show you are currently able to use the skills and knowledge. Ask yourself: Does the evidence clearly show that I can apply these skills and knowledge at this point in time?

Sufficiency means that the evidence demonstrates you can apply and transfer the skills and knowledge to different contexts, and over time. Ask yourself: Is the evidence I am providing enough to show that I am competent over a period of time, and in different contexts?

Authenticity means that you must provide proof the evidence clearly belongs to you, or is about you. Ask yourself: Have I clearly proven that the evidence is about my own work and me?

Keep in mind that all evidence must respect the confidentiality of other persons and have information such as names, dates, and other sensitive information removed if necessary. You may also need to gain permission to include some items of evidence. For example, if you contributed to developing an internal policy, you may need your work’s approval to include it as evidence.


SIG ACADEMY only issue Qualifications and statements of attainment to students who meet the required outcomes of a Qualification or unit of competency in accordance with all the appropriate National Guidelines and acknowledging that Qualifications are nationally recognised. Certificates of attendance and participation will be issued when applicable.


In the event that certificates relating to Qualifications and statements of attainment are either lost or destroyed it is possible to obtain a replacement certificate. The reasons for a replacement certificate will need to be provided by the student before a reissue can be provided and a fee of $120.00 must be paid before a reissue is provided to students.


This Code of Conduct has been formulated to provide a clear statement of the SIG ACADEMY’S expectations of students in respect of academic matters and personal behaviour. Study at the SIG ACADEMY presents opportunities for interacting with other members of the ACADEMY and the community.

The SIG ACADEMY recognises and values the diversity of student experiences and expectations, and is committed to treating students, both academically and personally, in a fair and transparent manner.

All students, in return, are required to comply with the requirements set down in this Code of Conduct.

All students must:

  • Treat all employees, instructors, directors, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public and other students with respect, dignity, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity;
  • Maintain a cooperative and collaborative approach to inter-personal relationships;
  • Act honestly and ethically in their dealings with the SIG ACADEMY’S employees, instructors, directors, consultants, contractors, volunteers, and any other members of the public and other students;
  • Respect the privacy of employees, instructors, directors, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public and other students;
  • Ensure that they do not act in a manner that unnecessarily or unreasonably impedes the ability of employees, instructors, directors, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public and other students to carry out their study, research or work at the SIG ACADEMY.
  • Ensure that they do not become involved in or encourage discrimination against or harassment or bullying of employees, instructors, directors, consultants, contractors, volunteers any other members of the public or other students.


All students must:

  • Read all official correspondence from the SIG ACADEMY, including email;
  • Act ethically and honestly in the preparation, conduct, submission and publication of studies, academic work, and during all forms of assessment, including formal examinations and informal tests;
  • Avoid any activity or behaviour that would unfairly advantage or disadvantage another student performance or outcome;
  • Behave professionally, ethically and respectfully in all dealings with the SIG ACADEMY’S learning partners during extramural placements and practicum’s; and use SIG ACADEMY’S resources, including information and communication technology resources, in a lawful and ethical manner and for SIG ACADEMY’S purposes only, unless express permission has been granted for non-University or private usage.


A student shall not impair, interfere with, or obstruct the orderly conduct, process, or function of the SIG ACADEMY or any of its students, faculty members, officials, guests or the surrounding community.


Specific violations of this standard include, but are not limited to:

  • Threatening the health, safety, or welfare of another;
  • Interfering with the freedom of movement of another;
  • Invading the privacy of another;
  • Interfering with the right of another to enter, use, or leave any SIG ACADEMY building, facility, property, service, resource, or activity;
  • Interfering with a any member of SIG ACADEMY official in the performance of his or her duty;
  • Interfering with the religion, faith, or association of another;
  • Trespassing or the unauthorized entering or accessing of any SIG ACADEMY building, facility, property, service, resource, or activity;
  • Making, exhibiting, or producing any inappropriate, loud, or disruptive noise or behaviour;
  • Acting recklessly or in a manner that causes a disruption to the orderly function or operation of the SIG ACADEMY;
  • Exhibiting public nudity or lewd behaviour; or
  • Urinating in any area of SIG ACADEMY buildings, facilities, or property other than restrooms.


The SIG ACADEMY prohibits the illegal possession, use, consumption, sale, or distribution of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Any violations of this drug policy may be subject to sanctions by the SIG ACADEMY Student Conduct System and may be reported to all appropriate law enforcement authorities. All SIG ACADEMY buildings are designated as smoke-free for all substances.


Weapons, Dangerous Instruments, and Explosive Chemicals or Devices

Specific violations of this policy include, but are not limited to, the possession, use or threat of use of any of the following items:

Any firearm (including any weapon or instrument from which a shot, projectile, or other object may be discharged by force, whether operable or inoperable, loaded or unloaded);

Any toy gun which, based on colour, design or appearance, would be considered by a reasonable person to be an actual firearm;

Any deadly weapon, defined as any instrument, item, or material readily capable of causing death or serious physical injury;

Any BB gun, pellet gun, air rifle, paint gun, sword (whether decorative or not), or other martial arts weapon;

Any knife (including an ordinary pocketknife carried in a closed position, with a blade of three inches or less or cutlery of a reasonable size, when used in a kitchen or other food preparation area); or

Any ammunitions, explosive chemical or device including a substance or a combination of substances possessed or prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration, or detonation, including fireworks and illegal or potentially dangerous chemicals.

Note: Possession of a license to possess or use any of the above items shall not constitute a defence of any violation of this section.


All accidents and hazards must be reported immediately to SIG ACADEMY staff or the management where the training/assessment is being conducted.


SIG ACADEMY is committed to creating an effective, safe and professional working environment through the appropriate management of our employees and students’ complaints and/or unacceptable behaviours.

The SIG ACADEMY recognises that bringing a complaint can be a stressful experience for students, but it also has a duty to ensure the safety and well being of its staff. This policy sets out our approach to the majority of complaints whose actions or behaviours we consider to be unacceptable.

We expect you to use the established procedures and channels of communication to bring and resolve formal complaints. You can expect SIG ACADEMY staff involved in your complaint to assist in its resolution in an impartial and fair manner on each and every occasion.

We do not expect our staff to tolerate behaviour that we consider to be unacceptable, and will take action to protect our staff from such behaviour. We will, for example, not accept communication that is:

  • abusive, offensive or defamatory
  • aggressive, threatening, coercive or intimidating
  • unreasonably persistent or demanding.

If a persons behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable, we will explain the reason(s) for this and will ask that the persons modify his/her behaviour. If the unacceptable behaviour continues, we will be forced to take action to restrict the persons communication with the SIG ACADEMY. Any decision on restricting access will be taken by any two of the following senior staff:

  • The SIG ACADEMY Principal / CEO
  • The Director of Training
  • The Manager of Student Services.

The person will be issued with a letter that sets out the reason(s) his/her behaviour has been deemed unacceptable and the actions we will be taking. Any restrictions imposed will be appropriate and proportionate. The actions we are most likely to consider are:

  • Requesting contact in a particular form (e.g. by letter only).
  • Requiring that contact take place with a single, named individual (e.g. the Manager of Student Services or Director of Training).
  • Asking the person to appoint a representative to correspond with us.
  • Asking the person to enter into an agreement about their conduct.
  • Terminating the complainant’s training agreement and enrolment.

Where a person behaves unacceptably during a telephone conversation, we may, as a last resort, terminate the call.

Where the behaviour is so extreme that it threatens the immediate safety and welfare of Academy staff or students, we will consider other options, e.g. reporting the matter to the police or taking legal action. In such cases we may not give the person prior warning of that action.


Unsatisfactory attendance or behavior, including unsafe practices, may result in disciplinary action being taken. Such action shall be taken at the discretion of the SIG ACADEMY management, trainer or assessor. Should the student feel that such action is unfair or unreasonable they should contact the SIG ACADEMY Training Director.


1. Purpose
1.1 This document sets out SIG ACADEMY’S policy on the refund of monies to students for course fees where the student does not study for part or any of the period in which they were to study.

1.2 The objectives of this Policy are to:

  • provide students with an understanding of when, how and in what amount their fees will be refunded by the SIG ACADEMY; and
  • comply with the requirements (for nationally accredited courses ONLY) of the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards for Continuing Registration and NSSC option 3 of The Protection of Student Fees Paid in Advance options, SIG ACADEMY will only accept a maximum of 50% or $1000 (should 50% of tuition equal to no more than $1000) upon student enrolment prior to commencement of course.

2. Scope
2.1. This Policy applies to all students of SIG ACADEMY studying anywhere by any mode except where 2.2 applies.

2.2. This Policy does not apply to students who have an amended individual course refund policy issued with their offer letter insofar as the amended individual course refund policy is inconsistent with this policy.

3. References
3.1 This Policy should be read prior to enrolling online and/or in conjunction with the student’s offer letter as it forms the initial contract with the student.

4. Refund prior to commencing study for the first time
4.1 SIG ACADEMY will provide a full refund of any tuition fees paid if:

  • our training coordination department have not created a file in our system (if you withdraw from your formal course for any reason after you have completed an enrolment form and have been accepted and we have created a student file in our system, you will be charged a $120 administration and handling fee).
  • the student is unable to commence their course because of a serious and prolonged illness, disability or death of a parent, sibling, spouse or child;
  • the offer of a place is withdrawn;
  • the course which was applied for is no longer offered; or
  • SIG ACADEMY refuses to enrol the student in a course.

5. Refund of course fees after commencing study
5.1 After commencing study with SIG ACADEMY, the student must complete two processes to receive a refund:

  • The student must notify SIG ACADEMY of withdrawal of subjects or units;
  • The student must seek a refund.

5.2 The student must notify SIG ACADEMY of their withdrawal in writing.

  • The student must complete the SIG ACADEMY Request For Refund form which, can be accessed and downloaded online in the student account area or a copy can be emailed or mailed by post on request.

6. Obligation to notify sig academy
6.1 The student must notify SIG ACADEMY in writing of their intention to cease enrolment and the student remains liable for any course fees due up until that date. The date that SIG ACADEMY confirms receipt of the notice will be the date used for all calculations.

6.2 The student must notify the SIG ACADEMY in writing of their request to refund as per below table;

Local short courses
Certificate II In Security Operations 5 business days prior commencement
Certificate III In Security Operations 5 business days prior commencement
Cash In Transit 5 business days prior commencement
Firearms Courses 5 business days prior commencement
Surveillance Courses 5 business days prior commencement
Local short courses
Dignitary protection 90 days prior commencement
Professional diploma of counter-terrorism and security 60 days prior commencement
Protective security detail 90 days prior commencement

7. Fee rollover
7.1 If a student withdraws from a subject within 5-business days prior of commencement of a course, the student may request in writing for their entire course fee to be credited to their SIG ACADEMY account for future courses.

This money must be applied to future courses Requests for refund at the point that the fee rollover was originally requested will be considered.

7.2 PLEASE NOTE that students enrolling on any international course we offer through our international partners will not be eligible for a refund if they choose to cancel or withdraw their enrollments 90 days prior to commencement due to the cost and payments involved in advance which SIG Group must pay in advance on behalf of students.

8. Exceptional circumstances
8.1 The Student Administration Claims Department may consider written requests for refunds due to exceptional circumstances and may increase the amount of refund provided beyond the levels provided in the schedules contained in this policy.

8.2 Acceptance of money appropriately refunded within the amounts contained within the schedules contained in this policy does not preclude an application for exceptional circumstances and students must first apply for refund of amounts under the schedules unless a refund of 0% is applicable.

8.3 Applications for refunds beyond the levels within the schedules contained in this policy must provide details and appropriate verifiable evidence of the circumstances, which support that, the reasons for withdrawal:

  • are beyond the student’s control; and
  • do not make their full impact on the student until on or after the commencement of course in question; and
  • make it impracticable for the student to complete the requirements for the subject during the period during which the student undertook, or was to undertake, the course.

9. Circumstances where no refund will be provided
9.1 A refund will not be provided in any circumstances where the student has supplied fraudulent, forged or deliberately misleading documentation.

9.2 A refund will not be provided where the student has had their enrolment terminated due to either academic or behavioural misconduct as specified in the SIG ACADEMY student code of conduct for the course in which the misconduct occurred.

9.3 A refund will not be considered if the request is submitted after the student has had their enrolment terminated due to non-payment of course fees.

10. Appeals of decisions / complaints
10.1 If after 30 days from receipt of an application by the SIG ACADEMY, the student has not been notified of an outcome, or if the student wishes to appeal the decision, they do so by applying to the Director, Student Administration at the contact details provided in this policy.

10.2 The student at any point is also entitled to take legal action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

11. Payment of refunds
11.1 Refunds will be credited to the student’s account or where an account is named as the source account within the contract, to that account, and will be based on the Australian dollar fee for the course rather than any foreign currency amount.

11.2 If the course is being terminated, the amount will be paid within 4 weeks (or 2 weeks in the case of situations listed in 4.1d, 4.1e or 4.1f above) after the written notification date by transfer to a bank. The SIG ACADEMY will not compensate students for any exchange rate differences or transfer costs that have occurred when undertaking foreign currency exchange.


Personal information provided by students to the SIG ACADEMY may be made available to Australian Commonwealth and State Government Agencies on request in writing by that agency.


I, the applicant whose information is stated on the “Application/Enrollment to Attend Training and/or Assessment”, acknowledge that by partaking in any training course organised or conducted by the RTO (SIG ACADEMY) or by attending any venue or area as instructed for the purposes of partaking in any training or assessment, I may be exposed to varied seen & unforeseen risks associated with that training course. I hereby waive, release and forever discharge the RTO (SIG ACADEMY), their agents, representatives, heirs, executors and administrators of all known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, physical and or mental injuries and consequences thereof suffered by me during my participation that I may attend after this day dated hereon. With consideration of National Security issues, I further authorise the RTO their agents or representatives to use any multimedia recordings for the inclusion in any advertising, marketing or training presentations that it may commission including but not limited to audio, visual stills, video or any other recordings that may have been made during my involvement or participation in training conducted by the RTO and or its subsidiary entities.


I state that I have no criminal convictions recorded against my name in Australia or any other country. Further, I state that I am of good mental and physical condition to attend such course/s or assessment and advised to seek medical opinion as to my suitability should I have any existing injuries or reservations about my physical condition and I acknowledge and assume all risk of injury resulting from my participation in any of the training/assessment course/s conducted and/or organised by the RTO their agents or representatives.


I acknowledge having read the RTO’s policy and procedures I understand all the conditions in relation to complaints and grievances, payments and refunds, safety and health, language and literacy, program duration, copyright and my obligations and responsibilities.


I acknowledge that I have read the above information in its entirety and confirm that the information I have provided herein this application is true and correct and that I understand my rights and obligations herein and further acknowledge that by enrolling in this program I accept all the terms and conditions.


All materials provided to students are subject to SIG GROUP © Copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the Director of the SIG GROUP.


Student Administration Claims and the Director of Training may be directed to:


7 / 17 Vanden Way,
Joondalup 6027
WA, Australia


Telephone: 1300-788827