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TTA – Tactical Training for Actors


Technical training for actors’ in the use of firearms and tactical deployment course

If you’re an actor looking for roles and acting gigs, you’ll know that it can be a very competitive industry and tough out there. It’s up to you to make sure that you have all the necessary skills in a variety of areas to ensure you can increase your casting chances. Competency and comfort in handling a firearm are important skills to have as an actor so you may increase your chance of casting for action movies and television roles.

Ray Mancini is now offering for the first time ever a valuable course right here in Perth, specially designed for actors looking to handle firearms like an expert on set. And with an endorsement from the industry, we are excited to offer this sound investment in your acting career.

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Course Structure

This course will span over two days and is structured to include both on and off-range training, with professional tactical equipment and a variety of firearms, complete with workshops and practical assessment:

Day 1 – Tactical training with firearms

  • Tactical involvement
  • Practical training
  • Using verbal and non verbal commands
  • Clearing a room
  • Using cover

Day 2 – Live fire training on the range

  • Hands-on training
  • Shooting stances and positions
  • Handling a firearm
  • Education of different firearms for different applications
  • Learn dynamic shooting including shooting on the move

This course will cover skills, which are taught to high-speed SWAT officers, response teams and Special Forces in cases such as hostage rescue, armed robberies, and room entries. Ray Mancini has all of the experience and equipment necessary to fine tune your skills and ensure your scenes look professional and authentic.

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There are no necessary prerequisites for this course, however English language and numeracy skills are necessary.

Career Outcomes

On completion of our Tactical Training for Actors’ course you will be presented with certification of your qualification, video production demo, which you can then confidently present to casting agents for potential roles, and with an added SIG Academy qualification and endorsement.

Production companies will be delighted by the financial benefit of having a fully trained actor in this area ready to go. They will also be able to showcase a higher quality of film due to the skill exhibited by you trained by Ray Mancini and as a SIG Academy graduate. You can increase your chances of being cast quickly over untrained actors, as well as potentially securing a job straight away rather than waiting for the training that your production company may employ.

Utilise a registered training organisation’s qualification, and specialised, state of the art training facility with the SIG Academy Tactical Training for Actors course.

Call us on 1300 788 827 today for more information on the Technical Training for Actors course in Perth and other states throughout Australia.

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