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Research And Development Overview

Ray Mancini is committed to improving the training and safety of law enforcement officers and shooters in all disciplines through the rigorous application of physiological and psychological monitoring, assessment, and feedback.

We are developing new systems to continuously record bio markers of physical activity and stress, such as heart rate, during the training and testing of shooters.

This information will not only be used to assess individual performance, but to create a biofeedback loop for both the trainer and trainee through which the overall quality of instruction will be enhanced.

Additional investigations of the bio mechanics of shooting, including muzzle control and trigger finger discipline, are also planned. In consultation with human performance researchers, Ray Mancini will employ scientific testing protocols and subsequent analysis to ensure valid procedures and statistically meaningful results. In such fashion, we will systematically quantify the effectiveness of both the tools and the processes we develop.

This knowledge will form the basis for future training programs as well as a repository of findings we will share with the industry to improve overall quality and safety.