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Eye Tracking Technology

Eye Tracking as a Tool to Support Scenario-based Training

Advancements in eye tracking hardware have led to the creation of ulta- self-contained systems integrating both gaze orientation as well as high definition recording. The end result is first-person video with graphic overlay representing what the wearer is specifically looking at. We believe this is an invaluable and underutilized tool for tactical and first responded training. As such, we will be investing in the hardware, software, and training to fully incorporate these systems within our training and evaluation methods.

Specifically, we are currently investigating the Tobii Eye Tracking Glasses, a completely portable, ultra-light (45g) set of glasses with integrated eye tracking sensors and HD video camera. As compared to other, less expensive, solutions, the ultra low profile of the Tobii offering makes it far less obtrusive and appropriate for tactical training. We will also investigate whether these glasses may be secured under protective goggles or a visor to make them better suited for live fire training scenarios. The Tobbii offering is also capable of broadcasting video and eye tracking data wirelessly and in real time. Combined with our simulated training environment, this will form the basis of a state-of-the-art, world class training capability allowing us to assess performance, provide instant feedback, and iterate training to improve outcomes. In addition, we will use the ability to create detailed recordings of our instructional sessions to produce archives of context-specific, scenario-based video training logs which will be made available to clients and partners.