Yin & Yang

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True prosperity is not measured by your bank balance- it is a state of being.
Yin and Yang the Chinese wisdom from thousands of years ago which is the basic principle of the entire universe and the source of life and death.

Even purely financial wealth is a balance between what you have and how you feel about it. The symbol represents the beginning of creation. Yin and Yang are two major Qi energy forces. Qi energy can be divided into Yin and Yang. They interact with each other they are opposites, but interdependent with each other. One can not exist without the other.

Yang Yin
Active Passive
Hot Cold
Life Death
Summer Winter
Male Female
Day Night
Odd Even
Sun Moon
Fire Water

The dividing line between the Yin and Yang in the circle is perfectly curved if you extend it you would have the symbol of a wave. The understanding was that Yin and Yang combined create a flow of energy which travels in wave motion.

All life is composed of these two contrasting and balancing aspects, male and female, day and night, positive and negative polarities of electro-magnetism, good and bad, soft and hard Yin/Yang wherever you have one, the other is always present.

In the Yin and Yang symbol the dark part represents Yin and the light part represents Yang also within each is a small circle of the other.

Yin is associated with the feminine, dark, night, cold, receptive and soft qualities.
Yang is associated with male, light, day, strength, hard, creative qualities.
Good living, life, health and happiness is about the balance between these two opposing, yet inseparable forces. You can apply Yin and Yang to improve any area of your life: work, personal relationships, health, diet, fitness and stressful life styles.

Finding the right balance between work and relaxation. Over working yourself can cause a lot of stress and imbalances in your life and it generally means there is too much Yang (outgoing energy) and not enough Yin (inner peace).

Spirituality absence is one of the biggest problems in this fast modern world we live in. Taking up something like meditation, yoga or Tai Qi can help restore the Yin in a fast Yang life.

Having the right balance in your diet of Yin and Yang foods will help improve your life style.
Some Yin foods: spinach, fish, broccoli, tomatoes, most fruits, salt, asparagus, corn, honey, almonds and water.

Some Yang foods: potatoes, cheese, most meats, onion, black pepper, garlic, eggs, butter, ginger, ginseng and walnuts.

Yang food Yin food
Potatoes Spinach
Cheese Fish
Onion Broccoli
Eggs Tomatoes
Most meats Most fruits
Butter Asparagus
Ginger Corn
Garlic Honey
Walnuts Almonds

Whisky and wine is Yang. Beer is Yin

We need more Yin when we are anxious, nervous, hyper and restless.
We need more Yang when we are fatigued, breathless, lethargic and weak.

Remember; to enjoy a healthy and happy life is all about finding the right balance in everything you do.

Ray Mancini