The most asked firearms questions

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As a chief firearms instructor almost in every class I am asked the same questions “What is the Best handgun to have in a gun fight?” & “What is the best caliber you should have?” and here is my answer; “The one that is in your hand when you need it at the time!”

“What is the best caliber bullet?” “The one that hits the target and eliminates the threat!” 
It doesn’t matter what gun you have if you can’t present it at the right time of need, sure the gun needs to fit your hand and you need to be comfortable with the firearm you’re carrying, but if you can’t hit the target, or at least hit a vital area it does not matter what gun you are carrying or the caliber of the handgun you have! If you haven’t had the right training to develop the skills required handling firearms and if you have a hard time hitting a stationary target, then what will happen when that target is moving? Better yet what happens when that target is shooting back at you?

“Accuracy” is 80% mental and 20% skill. Confidence and the will to survive against all odds is the most essential part of all.

Stay Safe!

Ray Mancini
Training Director