My First Blog

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Welcome to my new Website and my first blog post. I’m really excited about this website as we’ve spent a lot of time designing this site and I’m having a great time using it and I hope you’ll find it enjoyable, useful, and informative.

This is going to be extremely exciting to interact, share information, tips, and tricks, on the latest and most advanced firearms and tactics training available for law enforcement, military, and the private security industry. Also I will be featuring industry alerts, updates, client’s stories, and keep you up to date on my training programs and developments throughout the world, and much more!

I would like to thank all the mentors, trainers and amazing people who have coached, supported, and helped me pursue my passion!

And many thanks to all my friends in the law enforcement community that supported me along the way. Thank you all! Please visit my site often, as I will always be updating!

I welcome any suggestions for improvements or any particular material you like to see posted.

Ray Mancini