Feng Shui – Wind And Water

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Feng Shui means wind and water and is pronounced Phung Shway or Pheng Shway which describes the two forces that shape the environment. One visible and the other invisible, both impact our lives constantly.

Many cultures use various methods of Feng Shui to live life more harmoniously by arranging an environment to positively affect those who live there. But it was first documented by the Chinese thousands of years ago.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony in the environment you live or work in.

The growing popularity of Feng Shui in this modern world we live in is a direct result of the extraordinary effects it can have in our lives, achieving health, wealth, love, prosperity, happiness and harmony.

I have read dozens of books, studied with a few different masters and did a lot of research over the last few years and have found that over the centuries the interpretation and meaning of Feng Shui grew more complex and became removed from its original purpose as it spread out from china across the world. Some people altered and changed things to suit their belief, customs or superstition. There are a lot of people today making lots of money and confusing a lot of people by reproducing the formula of Feng Shui to suit the southern hemisphere.

Those who are new to Feng Shui often surf the internet looking for information or buy some books to read and they begin to wonder whether they should swap around the formulas because they are in the southern hemisphere.

What about people who live in places on the equator like Ecuador or Telaga in Sumatra what should they do? Which Feng Shui should they use Northern or Southern? Or should they produce there own formula and call it whatever…… Feng Shui for the equator…….

Lots of masters often travel the world for consultations do they change the Feng Shui formula to suit where they are? No they don’t because traditional Feng Shui was created for the whole universe and is based on the earth’s magnetic field not the climate.

Feng Shui is all about common sense and should not be confusing.

Ray Mancini