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Introduction to Tactical Handgun


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The Handgun Orientation course is specifically tailored towards individuals who are considering a career pathway into the demanding and specialised sections of the workforce; whether it is your desire to enter into the Military, Law Enforcement or Armed Security (Cash in Transit) service, this course is your first step in the right direction.

The course goal is to deliver a high level instruction on the basics of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude necessary for any individual considering a career in Law Enforcement or owning their own handgun for sports shooting.

However, you may simply desire to overcome your fear of guns. This course also suits those individuals who require a more tailored instruction of personal development and at the end of the course you will gain the knowledge, skill and attitude that will shift your belief that guns are something to be afraid of. This could not be further from the truth, the handgun is no more dangerous than the motor vehicle you drive to work every day.

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The course is designed to run over an 8-hour day and course participants will gain knowledge on all the necessary safety aspects of handling, inspection and serviceability of the handgun, the use of the handgun, the relevant legislation relating to firearms in general and the basics on Firearm Safety.

Course participants will then partake in a practical qualification shoot at the firing range, where there will be a Senior SIG ACADEMY Firearms Instructor and Range Safety Officer to put you through your paces, which is designed to ultimately entrench the knowledge learnt earlier in the day. Here you will re-enforce the dry practice skills learnt at the Academy thus developing the right attitude to become a smarter, safer and more confident handgun owner and or shooter.


The content of this course may fulfil local requirements for sports shooting clubs and other permits. (Check with your local issuing authorities for their specific requirements. In most cases, this course will exceed those requirements.)

  • Basic fundamentals and safety
  • Potential Dangers (penetration, ricochet, accidental discharges, etc.)
  • Components and operation of modern pistols.
  • Types, components, and purposes of modern ammunition
  • Applicable laws relating to firearm categories and to the licensing requirements, interstate travel and transportation, and storage of firearms.
  • Administrative loading and unloading of semi-automatic pistols.
  • The fundamental of marksmanship and basic shooting techniques.
  • Preventative Maintenance (cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and safe storage)
  • Live fire drills on an approved shooting range.
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There are no pre-requisites required for this course.


After successful completion of the Handgun Orientation Course – Students then have the option to progress their study and complete a (CPP30411) Certificate III in Security Operation. Please see Certificate III link for further information relating to the course.

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One full day (8 to 9 hours).


  • This program has a course fee of $490 payable in one of two ways:
  • In order to secure a place on the course a 50% Deposit of $245 upon enrolment is mandatory
  • An upfront enrolment fee of $490 is also accepted.
  • A minimum of 100 rounds of 9mm ammunitions required and the cost for 100 rounds is $50.
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